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Each story in this book is based on real crimes and
incidents. These are not “thriller” or “shoot ‘em up”
tales. They are stories of everyday life in the world of
career policing. Some are funny, some are exciting, some
are sad, but each is real. Other than a couple stories that
obviously do not involve a crime, each story has a police
report on file with some agency in the United States
and is based upon that report. I have changed names
and places as I felt necessary. In some stories I have
created fictional cities and agencies. For clarity, I have
used “a.m.” and “p.m.,” knowing that some readers are
not familiar with military time used by nearly all police
agencies. In many chapters, I have added or changed
details. This way, I can share the stories with you, keep
them interesting, and not risk harming anyone. Some
stories are written in the first person, and some in
the third person; it just depended on what form I felt
would be most effective in that instance. Each chapter is
independent. You can finish one, and start the next one
at any time, without losing track of a story. Remember,
these are all based on real incidents. None are fictional.
I could not make these up!

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